And now for something complety different.

An old boss/friend of mine contacted me yesterday about a possible job. It’s not web design, but it does sound intreaguing. It looks like it’ll be part time, but I’ll be able to telecommute. I’ll find out more about it next week.

There’s also an EB Games that just opened down the street from here. It probably wouldn’t pay enough by itself, but depending on what the position mentioned above is like, I may decide to apply for a job there too for the hell of it. (Just so I do actually get out of doors on a regular basis.)

I’m starting to feel like I need a change of pace, and being furloughed was a blessing in disguise. (Of course it would be nice if the company I used to work for would actually pay me what I’m owed. Now that I think about it, it’d also be nice if I got a check from EDD soon, too.)

Okay time to stop rambling. I’m off to make a shopping list.

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