I’m a bad, bad man

A buddy of mine started messing with me via email yesterday. I won’t go into the whole story right now, but I did get him back this morning:


Dave, you really shouldn’t mess with the guy who is hosting your website. You never know what might happen.

I’d apologize, but you did have it coming. And it is funny in a juvenile sort of way.

Don’t worry – your site will be back to normal in a couple of days.

Bash.org random quoteness


!8ball… what’s wrong with my e-mail?
SmilinBob: Ask again later.
!8ball what’s wrong with my e-mail?
SmilinBob: Outlook not so good.

The quote just struck me as funny. On a side note – Windows XP StickyKeys sucks I accidentally turned it on and now I cant get it to tunn off

This mesasge was typed with the capsloc ON except when I needed a capital letter

i must reboot now

I’m gonna sing the Doom song!

I just made an Amazon purchase a couple of days ago. I went to the site to check on shipping and ended up poking around a bit when I saw this:
Invader Zim Doom Doom Doom (Vol 1)

CURSES! If I had realized that was out already, I would have snagged it along with Bubba Ho-Tep and Red Dwarf (which are being prepared for shipping as I type – or so the site claims)

I guess I’ll just have to wait and pick it up with Invader ZIM – Progressive Stupidity (Vol. 2) when it comes out. In the mean time, the’ve been added to my wish list.

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PVPOnline: Good CoH Stuff

I don’t read PVP regularly, but I was digging around a bit in the Penny Arcade archive when I came across this link in one of Tycho’s Rants.

I backtracked through the PVP archives a bit and found the beginning (I think) of Scott’s recent stint of comics related to CoH. Pretty funny stuff, and all very true. I’ve had many of the same experiences myself. If you’ve spent any amount of time playing the game, I’m sure you have, too.

cognitive overhead

I’m reading an article on converting XML to MS Word, and I jusst had to stop to blog this quote

[Quote] …the end users would have high a degree of customization available with very little cognitive overhead. [Quote]

The way that was phrased, just struck me as funny. Kind of an underhanded put-down – but then, not really. Know what I mean? In any case, it made laugh.

from XML to MS Word via Mark Pilgrim’s B-Links

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Gmail Funnyness

Is Funnyness a word?

I just sent an email to my mother from my gmail account. In it I used the phrase:
“I’m beta-testing a webmail service from google.”

You know how gmail displays text ads based on the content of the mail message you’re reading? Check out these:

Sponsored Links:

Web Mail for Power Users
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WebMail solution
complete webmail platform. 65 Milions users. For Operators.

Free Email Account
15 MB Space- no popups/spam shield News, calendar, stocks, weather

They just advertised competative products to their service, based (I can only assume) on my mentioning that I was testing gmail. It just struck me as amusing.

You Know You’ve been playing too much City of Heroes when…

You Know You’ve been playing too much City of Heroes when you have the following conversation with your wife in the middle of the night:

Hooloovoo: (shaking Wife awake) Go turn off the shower.

Wife: (groggy) Huh? The shower’s not on.

H: No, the shower outside.

W: (confused) What?

H: We have to turn the shower off so they’ll give us a new mission.

W: (realizing H is actually sound asleep) What kind of mission?

H: I don’t know, but it’s important that we turn the shower off first.

W: Okay. (rolls over and tries to go back to sleep.)

I have no recollection of the previous alleged conversation. Jenny told me about it this morning. I have been known to sleep-talk, but this is much more lucid and cohearant than my normal mumbling. Maybe I should skip CoH tonight and work on my website or something instead.