Dec 26th 2001, 19:12 GMT

Well, my Mother certainly surprised me this year.

I’ve been toying with the idea of buying a PDA for a while now – I was looking mostly at the Sony Clie. Now I don’t have to. My mother purchased a Handspring Visor Deluxe for both me and my uncle for Christmas. Apparently, my sister, (who usually plays “elf” handing out gifts from under the tree,) botched the presentation a bit by giving me the box too early in the evening. But hey, I didn’t mind. 🙂

Other gifts of note: a few DVD’s, a membership renewal to the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco, and a pair of Rudolph boxers complete with battery-powered light-up nose.

Now I need to get to PJG and download those Palm apps. I’ve already subscribed to the PJG AvantGo channel.

That reminds me, I haven’t played Jumpgate in almost a week. I really should go replace my Joystick. I might do it today, if I feel like facing the crowd of post-Christmas return shoppers at the mall.

I still have 5 more days left in my mini vacation. Yea Me! 🙂

I forgot to turn comments on. Also, the link to JG palm on PJG links to slopey’s web tracker – has JGPalm been abandoned or can I find it someplace else? I guess I really should ask about that on the PJG boards, eh?

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3 thoughts on “Dec 26th 2001, 19:12 GMT”

  1. yea, Visor ROCKS. I have one myself. they have TONS of apps, good expansion options 🙂

    don’t forget, you can get e-books, or fine book texts online and convert them to palm readable format and there a couple good free book readers out there. you can easily fit a couple of series on your palm. and if you get the compatc flash reader(whch I still wanna get), you could fit encyclpedias on it 🙂

  2. I’m waiting for my new Palm m125 to arrive (8MB on board + 16MB expansion, harharhar) – the eBook capabilities are pure bliss, really. Just grab a copy of CSpotRun (great text reader) and a few books and you’re ready to roll!

    PalmOS rocks! What version do you run? Right now on my IIIx I’m running 3.3, and I can’t wait to see the 4.01 on the m125 which is said to be better, faster and even more userfriendly…

  3. Well there is definately some good software out there. I’ll have to check out CSpotRun – thanks for the heads up on that.

    I had some fun trying to find an image viewer for the visor – the one on Handspring’s website requires at least version 3.5. Get this, the Vizor and Visor Deluxe ship with vesion 3.1H3 (basically a Handspring-modified version of 3.1) AND they are not upgradable. (The Visor Prism and Platinum run 4.0 I beleive)

    I’m a little annoyed at that, but I was able to find an ok image viewer that runs under 3.1 and AvantGo works just fine. I haven’t really felt the need for an ebook reader yet, but that will probably be the next thing I look for – after I find tetris. Someone has to have written a palm version of that… right?

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