Jan 14th 2002, 22:25 GMT

More from the wierd email department.

I get stuff like this forwarded to me all the time.

(I have to remember to set the category – grrr)


The Top 20 Little-Known Terrorist Organizations

20. Al Quesadilla — fighting for Mexican cheese

19. B.R.A. (Banana Republican Army) — khaki-wearing
freedom fighting yuppies

18. International House of Paramilitarism — No
attacks before breakfast!

17. Al Shamu — whales fighting for liberation of
their Seaworld-captive brethren

16. Ku Klutz Klan — clumsy cross-burning rednecks

15. Kabob-aloos — Cuban freedom fighters armed only
with skewers

14. The IRAs — little nebbish guys who annoy the
hell out of people, with pants hiked high to conceal
their Glocks

13. El McPherson — band of crazed-from-hunger

12. The Moulin Rouge — French Communist song and
dance troupe

11. The Spanish Imposition — Your Tia Josephina
comes for a visit, stays for a month, and lounges
all day watching Spanish soap operas with the TV

10. Al Kato — freeloading houseguests who move in
and eat all your food

9. The Talibananarama — spreading the message of
bad British ’80s dance music

8. Hamina-hamina-hamas — freedom fighters for
Jackie Gleason

7. Balsamic Jihad — fundamentalist food critics

6. “Weird Al” Qaeda — attacking the capitalist,
American government by spreading their revolutionary
message in the form of a rousing polka medley

5. The Black Pansies — black-gloved horticulturists

4. Yeehaw Jihad — “The Cowboys of Chaos”

3. Al Ro’ker — eighty percent chance of a Rain of

2. Falun Bong — Uhm… hey, man, what are we
fighting again?

1. Pujafudin-Pujafudout — spreading the terror
that is the Hokey Pokey

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