Feb 26th 2002, 02:48 GMT

CSS is kicking my ass.

My company is fond of “splash” pages with centered content for the websites we create.

I’m trying to find an elegant way to to this using CSS instead of using the old table-within-a-table hack, (It is NOT a technique, damnit,) or resorting to dynamically positionaing the content using a piece of javascript which runs every 20 miliseconds or so, (in case the user changes the size of thier browser window).

So far, I’ve found solutions to center content horizontally, but not verically. This bothers me. I can’t be the only person who has wanted to try this, can I? Actually, I don’t “want” to do this, I just want to find a more elegant way to do something that I’ve been asked to do.

I guess I could always slightly modify the design I’m working on. No one is really going to notice… which in my mind is better than the alternatives.

I want to become CSS savvy – I really do. I have some neat layout ideas I think I can do with CSS. But as I’m playing with things and figuring out the limitations of CSS implementations in the different browsers, nasty things – like deadlines – rear thier ugly heads.

Once again, I have to do another site using tables for layout. Not beacause I really want to, but because I don’t have time to fiddle around and figure out a better way to do it.

I am making progress tho – this new site does use some css posistioning. (And I think it might even pass the w3c validator – except for that damn splash page)

Okay – enough bitching. Deadline looming.

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