Who says developers don’t have a sense of humor?

I just read the FAQ for the current Phoenix release

Specifically – check out item 1:

1. What can I do to help?

We need all the distribution we can get. Tell your family. Tell your friends. Tell your coworkers. If you’re a student, get it distributed at your college. Submit a story to Slashdot and other news sites about the release. Make some noise on your blog. Spread the word!

This entry takes care of that. What made me laugh were items 14 and 15:

14. I kept hearing that you were changing the name from Phoenix to something else. What happened?

That was just a giant publicity stunt. We’ve observed that in the past, the open-source community has instinctively favored David when big corporations complain of trademark infringement. We wanted to cash in on this sympathy by asking the community to send us money to fight the legal battle (obviously we’d really spend it on cool stuff), but with all the taxing issues and whatnot we decided to can the idea.

15. Uhhhh…really?

No, not really. This isn’t like an action flick where the evil madman reveals the intricacies of his plans to hostages and then leaves them alone with a bomb set to detonate in like 10 hours. When we’re ripping you off, we won’t explain how in the FAQ. The truth is that we’d already had this 0.5 released planned for awhile, so it was okay to release under the Phoenix name. But under no circumstances will any future release be called Phoenix.

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