I’m not quite sure how I got to this site — one of the disadvantages with how I use tabbed browsing: I tend to open a bunch of links in new tabs while reading something, then move on to my next tab and open a bunch more links in new tabs, and reapeat as I move from left to right across my tab bar, but I digress…

Anyway, there are a bunch of interesting essays available. everything from education system reform to DVD UI Design to Toilet Paper (Bog Roll) selection algorithms

I’m definately bookmarking that site for when I have more time.

(BTW Gossip, I like the new formatting tools quick link behavior – I think)

[Edit: I just wanted to add a couple more essay links..]

Gratuitous Graphics and Human-Centered Website Design

Emotion & Design: Attractive Things Work Better

I’m doing some planning for a redesign of a few sections of my company’s web site. These two articles have given me a few things to think about, since one of my goals is to make it easier for visitors to find information they are looking for. The first article also gives a voice to some of the things that have been buging me about a recent site lauch we did, which definately puts design abovecontent.

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