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So, I’m looking at some printouts at my desk, and decide I could do with a bit more light. I reach over to turn my desklamp on and nothing happens.

I examine the lamp more closely and realize that someone’s stolen the lightbulb, out of my lamp, which is sitting on my desk. What the hell?

I thought briefly about bitching to the company-bulk mailing list, but that never has the desired response. I would have just started a chain of smart-ass replies. 1/8 of the company would feel obliged to share thier remarkable wit, (“The lights are on but nobody’s home..” , “Who’s bright idea was that?” , “Huh heheh huhhuh – you said ‘bulb'”, and worse – ad infinitum.) 1/8 would send “please quit with the stupid replies” to the jokesters, but it would go to the whole company, (since they don’t know the difference between “Reply” and “Reply to all” in Outlook,) and 3/4 of the company (the remainder) would laugh, then get annoyed, and then update thier filters to block the rest of the thread – not neccisarly in that order.

Instead, I went down to see the nice folks in facilities. I told them what happened, and after sharing my exasperation with the annonymous bulb-filtcher, they gave me 2 new bulbs. Now I have a spare in case the first one burns out, (or someone steals it again.)

Now I’m tempted to send a message to company bulk that says:

To all those that might be interested: The next time the bulb in your desklamp burns out, feel free to contact facilities for a replacement. They have plenty on hand, so you shouldn’t feel the need to take the one out of the lamp on your neigbor’s desk.

This has been a public service announcement brought to you by the web team.

But again, I’d just succeed in annoying 3/4 of the company. So I’m bloogging it instead.

At least they didn’t take the bulb from my Lava-Lamp.

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