ADV: Enjoy a spam-free inbox

[Quote] You may remember recently sending an email to a Spam Arrest customer,
and receiving a response asking you to visit our website and type in
a word that was shown to you in a picture.

It was pretty easy, wasn’t it?

Did you know that that one simple step stops virtually all spam from
entering our customers’ inboxes?

You too can enjoy the benefits of a spam-free inbox.

We are so confident you’ll like our product, that we’d like to offer
you a 30-Day free trial. If you are un-satisfied for any reason, just
cancel your account before the end of the trial and you’ll pay nothing.

Click here to visit our website and start your trial:

[link removed]

Spam Arrest
Take control of your inbox!


You are receiving this email in response to an email you recently
sent to a Spam Arrest customer.

If you do not wish to receive further promotional emails from
Spam Arrest, please click the following link:
[link removed]

Does anyone else see the irony in spam advertising a spam-stopping service? I guess the funniest thing is that this message would have triggered my SpamAssassin filters and been dumped had it been sent to my home account.