Echoes of the Web Team

Way back in 2001, I worked with a team of web development types. Collectively, we were the “Web Team”. Then, there were several rounds of lay-offs, finally leaving me pretty much by myself in April, 2002

Anyway, we used to have this whiteboard whic began collecting wierd little quips or statements made by one team member or the other. As the board got filled up, older things were removed to make room for new out-of-context gems. Below is a list I just found while doing a a bit of cleaning. It’s scrawled on an old legal pad in my handwriting. The heading at the top says: “Echoes of the Web Team” and contains what was left on the board after everyone else got layed off:

Fear My Code, Bitch!
Squeeze and tuck
I destroyed my snoot
Hey Look! It’s a monkey!
There will be two paths to submission…
The “We need a name for this contest” contest
Who’s been messing with my big dipper?
Any unidentifiable piles belong to me!
Spanked like a naughty puppy.

Some days, I really miss working with those guys.

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