typing weirdness

I’m becomming more and more convinced that my typing skills (such that they are) are deteriorating rapidy.

I commonly make juxtaposition errors, like “teh”, taht”, “fro” and so forth, as well as mis-CApitalizing the second letter of a word many times (most commonly an “A” or an “E”)

Today I noticed a new one: Over the last few days when typing the phrase “to the” I’ve gone back to re-read a line (or run spell check) and noticed (or had the spell checker notice) that I actually typed “the the”.

Just now I was about to send an email to one of the VPs of my company when I saw that I had typed not “to the”, (or even “the the”,) but “to to”

maybe I should go sign up for a typing course or somethign.

(There’s another one of those juxtaposition errors…)

Edit: Some typos were intentional – others were not, and have been removed.

Edited on Apr 18th 2003, 23:40 by Hooloovoo