Confessions of a Sentient Conflux

Hello, My name is Hooloovoo – and I was a sentient conflux.

(Hi Hooloovoo)

Back when the sentients first started to appear in Jumpgate you may have seen a C3 investigating a TRI Sensor Beacon out near Hyperial, or paying homage to “Emma – Destroyer of the Unwary”. That sentient was me. I was never a very good PvP pilot, but I did participate in a few of the early sentient-vs-player battles, (mostly as laser-cannon fodder.)

I was also Padan – whom you may or may not remember from the Pirates of GBS fiasco, which took place when Mother was the sole GM left by 3DO to run the game. (Again, I participated mostly in a laser-cannon fodder capacity.) I tried to help Mother out where I could, but Jumpgate was not my primary job responsibility.

I first came to Jumpgate when the company I worked for secured the publishing rights for the game. I was granted a beta account primarily because I was to help desin and implement the product’s marketing, and online billing/support sites. (Which would be loosely tied into JOSSH.) I stayed in the game post beta, because I had found something that I really enjoyed. Not just in the game, but also in the community. (I’m very glad that something of that sense of community lives on here, at, even if I don’t log into my Jumpgate account very often anymore.)

For the last 4 1/2 years, I’ve been involved in the design, creation, publishing, and continued maintenance of The 3DO Company’s online presence. I’ve worked as part of a talented web team, and more recently as “a web team of one.” All that came to an end about 3 hours ago. I am now officialy a “Web designer seeking a position in the San Fancisco Bay Area as part of a creative and energetic web site development team.”

Losing your job sucks, especially when this is the reason.

got hosed, tommy. He got hosed.