Dust Is Not My Friend

My wife and I did a marathon cleaning session today, (with some help from her sister.) Over the last few months, the computer/craft room had become a major disaster area. Since I’m currently jobless, and Jenny had today off, we decided it would be a good day to do something about it. We also invited her sister down to help us out a bit. (We bribed Becky with food, a couple of driving lessons, and a ride to Plough tonight.)

We spent about 8 hours cleaning, with breaks here and there as my allergies kicked in, or we needed lunch, or were just feeling overwhelmed. Had I been thinking, I might have taken before and after pictures, because I can hardly beleive this is the same room. We’re not quite finished yet, there are still a couple of boxes we need to go through, not counting the 7 boxes of stuff I brought home from work, (most of which will probably end up back in a cubicle when I land a new position.) Still, this room is a thousand times better than it was yesterday.

Jenny is on her way up to Starry Plough with Becky. (Her third driving session this weekend.) Actually, Jenny’s probably on her way back by now. We’d thought about going to Plough tonight as, (I’ve never been – I should probably rectify that at some point.) but we’re both pretty wiped out.

On the job search front: The call I was expecting today hasn’t happened yet, but I’m not too worried about it. I’ll probably give the recruiter a call tomorrow afternoon if I haven’t heard anything from him. And as soon as I’m done writing this, I’m off to the online job search sites to see if there are any new listings I can post my resume to.

Just to see if he’s reading: Gossip, can you add a “Home” or “Life” category? (or both?)