Jenny and I went and played in San Francisco today. First we went down to fisherman’s wharf and pier 39 to check out the sea lions and do a bit of shopping. I’ll probably add a couple of shots we took there with the digital camera tomorrow after I have a chance to resize them.

Around 2:00, we met up with a couple of friends of ours to take pictures at the botanical garden and the japanese tea garden in golden gate park. I burned through another 4 rolls of film this afternoon, and eventually switched to my digital camera. I’ve got a photoshop project in mind for one of the digital images I took at the tea garden. It shouldn’t take me too long to bang that out tomorrow – assuming I can get my pc to recognize my tablet again. (I think it’s about time for another OS-wipe-and-install)

Not sure when I’m going to get the film developed, I think I’m up to 12 rolls now.

wonders how many rolls of film he would have to shoot before it’s acutally cheaper to set up his own darkroom.

Anyway – I’ll see about posting a couple of the digital images tomorrow after I’ve futzed around with them a bit.