I got someone booted from SWG tonight…

for being an idiot more than anything else.

There’s a Player in the game that has found an interesting way to harrass Entertainer characters, specifically high-level musicians.

This Player shows his Friend “something funny” specifically: how to take a certain type of instrument away from a musician, forcing them to stop playing music, and then needing to re-deploy the item from thier inventory.

So the Player and his Buddy go around the cantina stealing instruments and eventually get reported by several other players. Using /report sends the last 100 lines of chat to the GMs for review. I reported both the Player and the Friend. the Friend comes back later and appearantly start’s cussing me out (I don’t know, I had him on my /ignore list) but I notice him standing behind me, so I take him off my list so I can hear what he’s saying.

Almost immediately I get the /tell “fuck you bitch” (ah, the joys of playing a female character…) from the Friend, who goes on to explain that he just got his acct suspended. And that he just got the game today, and he hopes I’m happy, and, and…

I can’t say I feel sorry for the guy, especially after that lovely /tell (which got reported too – heh) – but I’m hoping the Player that showed him that little trick, and abused it much more, gets the boot as well. (The Friend implied that the Player didn’t.) The Friend only moved my instrument once, the Player was the one that was really bad about it. But the Friend was also the one that admitted to it in chat, which probably why he got suspended.

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5 thoughts on “I got someone booted from SWG tonight…”

  1. I also sent in a bug report outlining the problem with the instruments. Hopefully that little grief trick gets fixed in a code update.

    Yes, I consider it griefing. Even if it causes more “annoyance” than “grief”.

  2. Some people are real immature weenies, If he just got the game today (which is potentially a lie), and already he is messing with people in a way that interfers with their enjoyment of the game, then he deserves to be booted. We have a few of those people in Shattered Galaxy. Mainly they spam the chat box with meaningless text during a battle when communication is important.
    Someone who says “fuck you bitch” and when their account is suspended, turns around and gives a sob story of how they just got the game today and “hope you are happy” are simply jerks who seem to not realize or take responsibility for the consequences of their actions.

  3. I actually find it comical when someone cusses me out in game….

    When I did play SWG… 🙂

    I used to walk around as a rebel, overt, with pets out. Hang out outside of bestine, usually in a Rebel Lair that someone has just spawned for a mission. They don’t see me as they walk up and start casually blasting the NPC’s. So I send my pets after them, and about 20 seconds later they’re back at the cloning station. That’s when the cussing starts.. 🙂

    But what’s even better is after they start cussing me, I don’t get mad, I just pretend to be their friend. After a while they’re buddy buddy with me and we’re talking about game adventures and everything seems fine. But I’m still back out there at the lair they’ve spawned, and 10 minutes later when they show up to try to kill it again, down they go. They’re even more confused the second time around. They thought we were buddy’s and that everything was cool.

    NO, if you are an imperial, and I’m a rebel, I’m going to kill you. Stop reading the walk through and start playing the game….

  4. I don’t talk to people big on cussing or bad attitudes. I have had a wonderful conversation with someone from an opposing team though.(3 teams in Shattered Galaxy,). We fought, it was a cat and mouse loosing battle for him, 1 (him) vs 3 (us) but he held out so well, you had to admire him. I asked him about tips after the battle was over and we chatted about strategy and stuff. Turns out he’s a C programmer in Pittsburgh PA. (Players are usually either from US or Asia, I have also seen Dutch and French typed.). But at no time did either of us expect the other to stop attacking the other side. SG is more of a war game like WarCraft than a RPG though.

  5. Well I am reading this a few months delayed but thats still pretty damn stupid.

    I’ve been playing SWG since I was a beta tester and never saw anything like that….but I sure have seen plenty of idiots like that.

    Anyone around this site still play SWG?

    I play on bloodfin (mainly), starsider and bria.

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