(Not Quite) Black and White

Kodak has a relatively new kind of film. It’s B&W, but is developed using the C41 process. (You use the same chemicals as you would for standard 35mm color film.) This has the advantage of being able to get prints made just about anywhere, even the 1hr photo at your local supermarket should you so desire.

Anyway, I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve had the film sitting around for 6 months or so, or if it’s a quirk of the C41 B&W film, but the photos came back with an almost sepia tone color caste to them. This was even more apparent on the Photo CD.

I just did a bit of color correction on a few of the better shots from that roll and put them online. (I also cropped a couple, and did a bit of graffiti removal from one – thank you PhotoShop.) I know I burned though at least one, maybe two, more rolls of film that day. I’ll add to that album after I get the rest of the film developed.

You can see the new photos here: Lake Merritt

Here’s a sample: