I called in late to work…

…so I could go with Jenny to her exam. We gt to hear the baby’s heartbeat for the first time. I’m still grinning. 🙂

Duckling is A-OK!

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5 thoughts on “I called in late to work…”

  1. [Quote] You’re probably wondering why we’re calling the baby “Duckling”. We haven’t picked names yet (we’ve talked about a few different ideas, so we are thinking about them.) However, we have decided on a duck motif for the baby’s room, (yellows and greens are good gender neutral colors) so we thought Duckling would be a cute nickname. Certainly sounds better than “it” since we don’t know the gender yet. [Quote]

  2. ahhh!

    My mom was pregnant with my youngest sibling when I was in college and my younger sister was in high school – we called the baby “The Kid” before she was born, because the term was sex-generic and accurate… but my mom didn’t like it.

    Duckling is very cute! Best wishes.

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