What’s this? A Pyrimid Marketing Scheme?

I tend to trust UserFriendly so I clicked on a banner ad there that I would have ignored on just about ANY other website.

Now I’m probably just making things worse by taking the next step and posting this link: Get a free iPod

As I understand it, this is how it works:
1 Sign up for an account and pick which iPod you would like
2 Complete one of the site’s promotional offers
3 Refer 5 other people who must also complete 1 offer (and I assume, refer 5 of thier own people… and so on)
4 Have your selecetd iPod shipped to you

I’ve completed step 1. This post (with the link above) is my attempt at completing step 3. I haven’t decided which of the promotions is the least evil yet, so I’m holding off on setp 2.

Why am I doing this? Why the hell not?

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4 thoughts on “What’s this? A Pyrimid Marketing Scheme?”

  1. For me to get an iPod, my 5 people must complete an offer. For each of my 5 people to get thier own iPod they need to find 5 people to complete an offer…

  2. Seems to actually be legit.

    There was a big thing on the QoW community on LJ about helping people get them and many people have posted about getting them.


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