His Auntie would be so proud.

I haven’t been posting much about Justin’s growth and development here lately. (I’m also woefully behind with the whole picture posting thing.)

frostedlexicharm has been posting lots about eil and boy wonder, and I don’t want our blogs to turn into an “oh yeah well my baby does…” battle. I know they probably wouldn’t, but hey- better safe than sorry.

Anyway, he’s doing well. If anyone want’s more details I might summarize recent events in a comment, or something.

Now to address the title of this entry. Spinach and Justin do not get along well. His aunt (my sister) would be so proud. Maybe. You see, he seems to like it just fine, (unlike his aunt.) The problem is that his face and arms break out in a mild rash when we feed it to him. So we’ll back off on spinach for now and try again at a later time.

i wonder what we should introduce next.