This breaks my heart, but I have to do it.

Anyone in the SF Bay area want a cat?

He’s a 6 year old domestic short-hair (tabby), neutered, and tends to be skittish at times but very affectionate. He’s just not dealing with the stress of having a toddler around, and is currently experiencing behavioral problems which can probably be corrected with a change of environment and a small amount of training. (Specifically he needs to re-learn what a litter-box is and how to use it.)

An ideal environment would be one where he would be primarily in-doors with no other pets or small children, as he is currently not dealing well with his litter-mate (fighting, hissing, growling.) Once he has mellowed out and adjusted to his new environment, the introduction of another cat may be possible.

I don’t want to have to give him up, but there is nothing else I can do at this point. If we had space to designate a “safe-room” for him, I could probably re-train and re-introduce him into our household, but the only room I would have been able to use for that is now a nursery.

I am looking into other options (friends/family/no-kill shelters) but I thought I’d post this here as well.

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Brain Dead Work Tricks

I really should know better than to think that Visual Studio .NET and Visual Studio 6.0 can coexist on the same machine.

No Really, I should know better.

updtae: as pointe out in the comments you CAN have both on your machine at once. my VS6.0 installation “failed” but I can still use it. go figure.

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