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This is as close to a political-type post you are ever likely to see from me. For those of you that live in California, there is a special election on Tuesday November 8th 2005 (that would be today as of 48 minutes ago)

Actually – there are elections being held throughout the US today, so this applies to more than just Californians.

I’m not going to tell you, or even ask you to vote one way or another on the various propositions on the ballot. What I AM going to ask is that you review the propositions that are on the ballot, come to a(n informed) desicion about them, and then make your voice heard by getting yourself to a polling place and VOTING.

Also, are of legal voting age wherever you live, but are not registered to vote, I encourage you to go out and get registered. TODAY. You won’t be able to vote in this election, but you will be able to vote in the next one.

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