I’m sure everyone posts something like this at some point…

Akismet seems to be working very well for me, only 3 4 spam comments have gotten past it since I migrated to WP (in mid January,) all of which ended up in my moderation queue – so they never made it to the blog. The two most recent were this morning.

I’m not sure why they came through tho, since the only appearant difference between them and a bunch of the recent messages Akismet caught is the link they were trying to promote. All the others were porn-related – these was about jeeps. (I think… I didn’t actually click the links to find out.)

I don’t get that much traffic, but these stats are still interesting to me:

Caught Spam

Akismet has caught 1,917 spam for you since you first installed it.

You have no spam currently in the queue. Must be your lucky day. 🙂

Either that, or I just deleted everything Akismet has identified as spam.

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3 thoughts on “I’m sure everyone posts something like this at some point…”

  1. I have a few rules I use when commenting:1. If you rllaey like a post, leave a comment. It shows your appreciation and interest. It also encourages the blogger to keep posting quality post.2. If you have nothing nice to say, then say nothing at all or at least make your comments as constructive as possible.3. Careful with links. Many blogs automatically ban comments with links in them, since this is a common spambot tactic.4. Follow up on your comments. One shot comments do not make for an interesting conversation.5. If you like the post, spread it around by using widgets such as the LIKE button on wordpress blogs, Tweet and Facebook buttons. Also Feeds, Follows (Blogger) and similar tools can be used to track the blogs you’re interested in.6. Remember that if you want to attract regular readers to your blog, you have to visit and participate in other blogs, so leave a viable blog link in your comments. Most comment windows have space for name/email/home page, don’t use the comment box to insert the link in the body of the comment, it will tend to trip the spam filter.

    1. I love the comment spam on a post about a comment spam…

      (previous comment was caught by my spam filter – I edited out the links and approved it because I thought it was funny.)

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