This one’s for Mark

I woke up earlier than normal today, and decided to to head into work, even though I didn’t really want to. I figured the sooner I got in the sooner I could go home.

So far it’s been what I expected, not terribly busy – but enough to keep me (mostly) occupied. Fixed some errors, worked on some documentation, logged in to remote machines to monitor current processing jobs, did a bit of training. Ho-hum.

Paul and I went and had lunch, and drove around looking for a place to buy him a new office chair, we paced a furniture store in the area that looks promising, so he’ll head over there after work. Then we came back to the office. Turns out there was some luau or something at the office that we were kinda sorta invited to, (I love being in the red-headed-step-child department) so we missed out on free food. oh well.

My step-dad is hanging out with Justin today because our day-care is closed for a family camping trip. He called a few minutes ago to let me know how things were going. (And to ask for the code to unlock the TiVo so he could watch something besides Blue’s Clues or Dora.)

That’s it so far. I imagine the rest of my day will be go home, make dinner, do some housework, put the kid to bed, read for a while, maybe play some WoW, then go to bed.

Pretty exciting stuff, no?

Does Harry Potter Die In Book Seven?

As many people know, my wife and I are big fans of the Harry Potter series. We’ve both been re-reading (and re-listening to) the series in preparation for the upcoming book and movie. Right now, I’ve got Harry Potter on the brain, so when the Random Page bookmarklet brought me to a neat Newspaper Clippipng Generator this morning, the first thing that popped into my head to write was an article from the Daily Prophet:

Daily Prophet Newspaper Clipping

My wife is convinced that Harry Potter will die on his birthday, so I took that idea and ran with it. I don’t have any reference material with me right now, (the books are at home,) and I’m too lazy to go searching on teh intarwebs, so some of the names are probably misspelled and/or flat out wrong. I couldn’t remember the name of the “current” minister of magic, so I wrote around that with a lame joke about Fudge.

Let me just say I have no inside knowledge about book seven. I am not connected in any way to J.K. Rowling. I have no idea what is going to happen. I’m just some goofy fan of the books. The clipping you see above is really just me rambling. It’s barely edited, and incomplete. If I get ambitious, I might try re-writing it and making a complete article. I have a couple of other funny (to me) ideas that didn’t fit into the space allowed in the clipping.

Ok – so I suspect that I’m going to get more than a few hits to this post. Welcome one and all. Feel free to post a comment. (Let’s put that spam filter through its paces.) What do you think is going to happen in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows?