Does Harry Potter Die In Book Seven?

As many people know, my wife and I are big fans of the Harry Potter series. We’ve both been re-reading (and re-listening to) the series in preparation for the upcoming book and movie. Right now, I’ve got Harry Potter on the brain, so when the Random Page bookmarklet brought me to a neat Newspaper Clippipng Generator this morning, the first thing that popped into my head to write was an article from the Daily Prophet:

Daily Prophet Newspaper Clipping

My wife is convinced that Harry Potter will die on his birthday, so I took that idea and ran with it. I don’t have any reference material with me right now, (the books are at home,) and I’m too lazy to go searching on teh intarwebs, so some of the names are probably misspelled and/or flat out wrong. I couldn’t remember the name of the “current” minister of magic, so I wrote around that with a lame joke about Fudge.

Let me just say I have no inside knowledge about book seven. I am not connected in any way to J.K. Rowling. I have no idea what is going to happen. I’m just some goofy fan of the books. The clipping you see above is really just me rambling. It’s barely edited, and incomplete. If I get ambitious, I might try re-writing it and making a complete article. I have a couple of other funny (to me) ideas that didn’t fit into the space allowed in the clipping.

Ok – so I suspect that I’m going to get more than a few hits to this post. Welcome one and all. Feel free to post a comment. (Let’s put that spam filter through its paces.) What do you think is going to happen in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows?


I want to talk about the movie, but I don’t want to deal with spoilers for folks that haven’t seen it (or the Firefly tv series)

As I just told a friend via IM, I think they did good job of it for people that havent seen any of the show, but if you’re planning to watch Firefly, you should finish the entire series before you see the movie. It will make the funny parts funnier and a lot of the character intereactions will make more sense.

Anyway, I really enjoyed Serenity. That said, some parts of the storyline bothered me, (not going to say what – spoilers abound) but I have a question: Is it just me, or did Mr. Universe feel like a “Big Damn Plot Device”?

Episode III

So, I went to see “that movie” yesterday with some people from work. It was better than I was expecting (or rather, feared) based on my experiences with Episodes I and II.

My initial reaction still stands. It was better than I was afraid it was going to be. I’m glad I went to see it, and I’m glad the story is “finished” but there are things about the film that bugged me. A lot of the same things that bugged other people, too. People who write much more eloquently (or more passionately) than I do.

Update: I had planned to write a longer review, so I initially marked this as “Private”. I never got around to writing more.

I’m gonna sing the Doom song!

I just made an Amazon purchase a couple of days ago. I went to the site to check on shipping and ended up poking around a bit when I saw this:
Invader Zim Doom Doom Doom (Vol 1)

CURSES! If I had realized that was out already, I would have snagged it along with Bubba Ho-Tep and Red Dwarf (which are being prepared for shipping as I type – or so the site claims)

I guess I’ll just have to wait and pick it up with Invader ZIM – Progressive Stupidity (Vol. 2) when it comes out. In the mean time, the’ve been added to my wish list.

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Movies ‘n’ Games

The company I work for is going to see HPatPoA. Chutta is wearing a “Muggle” shirt I found at Hot Topic. He was pestering me about playing CoH a while back, and I was bugging him about joining in on our CosPlay. Finally agreed that if I started Playing CoH, he would wear the “Muggle” shirt.

Since he wasn’t able to go with us Sunday night, I dropped it off with his GF at home this afternoon. She’s going to make sure he wears it to work today.

Hogwarts Cosplay

Jenny’s sister wanted to get a group of people together to go see the new Harry Potter movie. She also wanted to get as many of those people to dress up as Hogwarts students (or at the very least have House Scarves.) Her basic idea is that we are all students on a “Field Trip to see what Muggles think of the Wizarding world.” She’s even got an older friend of hers to be our Chaperone.

Jenny and I have gone all out. Partially because we used to be on a Rocky Horror cast, (If you’re going to mimic the costumes from a movie, you gotta do it “right”.) and partially because we have an idea for October. Duckling’s going to be an owl for his first Halloween – it will be cute.

So here’s a quick list:

Wands – check
Scarves – check (just need to add tassles tonight)
Dress Shirts – check
House Ties – check
Pants/Skirt – check
socks/shoes/etc. – check
Sweaters – check
Robes – check (cheapo graduation robes for now – might upgrade for October)
House Patches – check (might upgrade with the robes)

I was a little worried my sweater might not get here in time, I procrastinated and then had trouble finding one in my size in the (movie) Ravenclaw colors. And the robes came late – Jenny’s friend in the shipping department where she works came through. Found the box in a part of the warehouse they weren’t planning to get to until Monday.

Tomorrow night should be fun. I’ll be sure to take some pictures to post. 🙂

Edit: I really should proof-read when I do that whole “preview” thing

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Can’t sleep

I don’t really have anything else to say right now. My wife and I decided to go see Pirates in an attempt to get my mind of some of the things I’ve been thinking about for the last few days. I’m glad we went. I enjoyed the movie much more than I thought I would, and it did help keep me distracted for a couple of hours.

Now I’m just back to those thousands of things running through my head all at once. I’m exhausted. I really just want to get some rest, but sleep won’t come. Instead I just lay there watching the blinking red light on our caller ID box in the other room, with my head full of all these thoughts.

I’ve decided it might help get them out of my head (at least for a while) if I get them into a word document. I’ve made a start, but there’s not much structure to it, and what I’ve written so far is riddled with incomplete sentances and only marginally cohearant thoughts. The topics jump around widly and the individual trains of thought are hard to follow. At least what’s on the screen resembles my current state of mind.

I think I’ll end up posting some of this stuff, but I want to try to get it cleaned up and organized first. I can already see two or three entries at the very least jumbled together on my screen. There may be more, but I’ll really only know for sure once I get more out of my head and into the document.

Would someone please tell my internal monolouge to shut the hell up for a few hours so I can get some rest? That pesky little voice in my head isn’t listening to me, and I’m starting to get tired of listening to it.

The Matrix Reloaded: The Abridged Script

I just found this link on Simon Willison’s web log. (I’m slowly getting caught up on the blogs I follow.) Don’t visit the link unless you’ve seen the movie, there are a few spoilers, and you might not catch all the humor.

(I especially liked the conversation at the end between Keanu Reeves and “The Explainer”. The IRC bit was fun, too.)