PVPOnline: Good CoH Stuff

I don’t read PVP regularly, but I was digging around a bit in the Penny Arcade archive when I came across this link in one of Tycho’s Rants.

I backtracked through the PVP archives a bit and found the beginning (I think) of Scott’s recent stint of comics related to CoH. Pretty funny stuff, and all very true. I’ve had many of the same experiences myself. If you’ve spent any amount of time playing the game, I’m sure you have, too.

Request for Gossip

Not sure the best place to post this, so I’ll just blog it and hope he sees it.

I was wondering if you could add a couple of bootleg RSS feeds for me. Specifically the City of Heroes News Archive and Server Status pages. (Maybe the Recent Updates too – but I don’t think that one will get used as much.)

Perhaps also a “feed request” form/link on the bootleg RSS site / blog. (Assuming, of course, that you want to start taking requests.)

Thanks, man 🙂

You Know You’ve been playing too much City of Heroes when…

You Know You’ve been playing too much City of Heroes when you have the following conversation with your wife in the middle of the night:

Hooloovoo: (shaking Wife awake) Go turn off the shower.

Wife: (groggy) Huh? The shower’s not on.

H: No, the shower outside.

W: (confused) What?

H: We have to turn the shower off so they’ll give us a new mission.

W: (realizing H is actually sound asleep) What kind of mission?

H: I don’t know, but it’s important that we turn the shower off first.

W: Okay. (rolls over and tries to go back to sleep.)

I have no recollection of the previous alleged conversation. Jenny told me about it this morning. I have been known to sleep-talk, but this is much more lucid and cohearant than my normal mumbling. Maybe I should skip CoH tonight and work on my website or something instead.


I know there’s a scheduled maintenance window and all, but how about a little warning with a server shut-down countdown, or even a courtesey “The server will be shutting down in XX minutes.” system message to give folks a chance to get to a place they feel safe being logged out?

is not looking forward to logging back into his main CoH character tonight.

My tanker is likely going to be taking a very quick trip to the medical center, since I just got forceibly (that can’t be spelled right…) removed from the server in a place he has no business being on his own.

MMMM, Experience Debt… yummy…

Movies ‘n’ Games

The company I work for is going to see HPatPoA. Chutta is wearing a “Muggle” shirt I found at Hot Topic. He was pestering me about playing CoH a while back, and I was bugging him about joining in on our CosPlay. Finally agreed that if I started Playing CoH, he would wear the “Muggle” shirt.

Since he wasn’t able to go with us Sunday night, I dropped it off with his GF at home this afternoon. She’s going to make sure he wears it to work today.

Guild Forum / Portal Software

I’ve been asked / volunteered to help set up and run a website for the Super Group I’ve joined in City of Heroes. (Chutta is currently running the group, if anyone cares.)

Anyway – I’m willing, and its not like I don’t have any experience with community sites. But it has been a while. Does anyone have any suggesstions for software? I’m imagining something similar to PHP-Nuke, but PHP-Nuke type sites tend to feel kludgy to me, as a user. (The notable exception was PlanetJumpgate.) I’ve got a valid vBulletin licence at my disposal, but somehow that seems over-kill for what we’re planning.

Basically what I’m going for is a basic guild news and information site with messageboards and possibly a group calander for scheduling events.

Any thoughts/sugestions for good (hopefully free) CMS software packages to look at?


Also – if anyone is playing CoH and is looking to join a Super Group, let me know.

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A link to remember

Been trying to track down some info on the backstory for City of Heroes. All I’ve found are references to it in game reviews and such, but I did come across a link I want to check out when I get home.


And a peripherary disadvantage to working nights: The supergroup I’m in is primarily made up of co-workers. They’re hardly ever on when I play becuase of my schedule. Looks like I need to start a night time recruitment drive.


You ever get that feeling that you’ve done something before?

I’m feeling that way at work right now. We just finished restarting a project because of a server failure, for the second time this week. For those of you playing along at home, this is the 3rd time this project has been started. (Last time we lost almost 2 weeks of work. This time, we lost about 3 days.) Same project, same kind of failure, different server. (If I’m not mistaken this was the replacement hardware that was set up after the last failure.)

would rather be home smashing stupid badguys in City of Heroes.

That reminds me… Gossip, if you read this – can we get a “Games / MMOGs / COH” category?

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