You ever get that feeling that you’ve done something before?

I’m feeling that way at work right now. We just finished restarting a project because of a server failure, for the second time this week. For those of you playing along at home, this is the 3rd time this project has been started. (Last time we lost almost 2 weeks of work. This time, we lost about 3 days.) Same project, same kind of failure, different server. (If I’m not mistaken this was the replacement hardware that was set up after the last failure.)

would rather be home smashing stupid badguys in City of Heroes.

That reminds me… Gossip, if you read this – can we get a “Games / MMOGs / COH” category?

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4 thoughts on “Deja-vu”

  1. Read & added.

    Man, I’ll be happy once GB2 is running and I don’t have to care about that “please add a category” anymore. 😉

  2. A bit, yeah. I think they finally go the problem licked tho. Haven’t had to restart that project in a few days.

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