Hogwarts Cosplay

Jenny’s sister wanted to get a group of people together to go see the new Harry Potter movie. She also wanted to get as many of those people to dress up as Hogwarts students (or at the very least have House Scarves.) Her basic idea is that we are all students on a “Field Trip to see what Muggles think of the Wizarding world.” She’s even got an older friend of hers to be our Chaperone.

Jenny and I have gone all out. Partially because we used to be on a Rocky Horror cast, (If you’re going to mimic the costumes from a movie, you gotta do it “right”.) and partially because we have an idea for October. Duckling’s going to be an owl for his first Halloween – it will be cute.

So here’s a quick list:

Wands – check
Scarves – check (just need to add tassles tonight)
Dress Shirts – check
House Ties – check
Pants/Skirt – check
socks/shoes/etc. – check
Sweaters – check
Robes – check (cheapo graduation robes for now – might upgrade for October)
House Patches – check (might upgrade with the robes)

I was a little worried my sweater might not get here in time, I procrastinated and then had trouble finding one in my size in the (movie) Ravenclaw colors. And the robes came late – Jenny’s friend in the shipping department where she works came through. Found the box in a part of the warehouse they weren’t planning to get to until Monday.

Tomorrow night should be fun. I’ll be sure to take some pictures to post. šŸ™‚

Edit: I really should proof-read when I do that whole “preview” thing

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  1. Don’t worry – I’ll have pictures posted Monday, at the latest. I’m taking the digital camera with me to the movie. (Hopefully they don’t think I’m trying to make a postage-stamp-sized pirated copy…)

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