You Know You’ve been playing too much City of Heroes when…

You Know You’ve been playing too much City of Heroes when you have the following conversation with your wife in the middle of the night:

Hooloovoo: (shaking Wife awake) Go turn off the shower.

Wife: (groggy) Huh? The shower’s not on.

H: No, the shower outside.

W: (confused) What?

H: We have to turn the shower off so they’ll give us a new mission.

W: (realizing H is actually sound asleep) What kind of mission?

H: I don’t know, but it’s important that we turn the shower off first.

W: Okay. (rolls over and tries to go back to sleep.)

I have no recollection of the previous alleged conversation. Jenny told me about it this morning. I have been known to sleep-talk, but this is much more lucid and cohearant than my normal mumbling. Maybe I should skip CoH tonight and work on my website or something instead.


I know there’s a scheduled maintenance window and all, but how about a little warning with a server shut-down countdown, or even a courtesey “The server will be shutting down in XX minutes.” system message to give folks a chance to get to a place they feel safe being logged out?

is not looking forward to logging back into his main CoH character tonight.

My tanker is likely going to be taking a very quick trip to the medical center, since I just got forceibly (that can’t be spelled right…) removed from the server in a place he has no business being on his own.

MMMM, Experience Debt… yummy…