Gmail Invites

I just got my first block of Gmail invitations. 3 of them are already earmarked for people, so I have 2 to give away.

I’m not giving them away right now, so don’t ask. I’m going to come up with a contest that will (hopefully) be more interesting than “first two replys get the invites.” I’ll post some more details later. (After I figure out just what it is I want to do.)

Aren’t I a stinker?

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Gamer oriented IM

So, a guy I used to work with at 3DO (well a couple of them, actually) is working on a new project: Xfire. Basically, it’s an IM client that allows people on your buddy list to see what game you’re playing, and for some games, will let them instantly join the server you’re on. For other games, it will give them the server details so they can find it themselves. It also has a cool “Friends of Friends” feature, to help you find new people to play against (or with) online.

Its in beta right now, and supports a whole slew of games (more than they have listed on thier site.) Check it out, if you don’t mind another chat client on your system. If you want to add me and can’t figure out what my username is, well… 🙂

I know I fixed those typoes before posting… I just know I did…

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The Rock Bottom Remainders

Jenny and I went with a friend of ours to see The Rock Bottom Remainders at the Fillmore last night.

(Looks like they need to buy more bandwith – here’s another site with some info.)

For those that don’t know, the Rock Bottom Remainders a band comprised (mostly) of notable authors like Amy Tan, Stephen King, Dave Barry and others. Jenny is a big Dave Barry fan, which is the main reason we went. The exact group composition varies from show to show. (For example: Stephen King did not perform last night.)

Barry claims that they suck, and has no idea why anyone would actually want to hear him and his literary cohorts play, but they really weren’t that bad. (Due, in large part, to Roger McGuinn, who is along for the ride for this tour, and “actually plays IN TUNE“)

Jenny got an autographed copy of “Tricky Business“, while I purchased a RBR hat and CD.

A couple of my favorite highlights from the show:

  • Robin Williams as a “suprise guest” to open for the band.
  • Amy Tan in a cross between a biker and a dominatrix outfit singing “These Boots Were Made for Walking”.

Last night was fun, I’m glad we went.

Edit: At least I’m consistent in my inability to spell “Barry” correctly

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