Building Rockets

Mean Green

I picked this up from the on-site shop during my son’s last Cub Scout Rocket Jamboree. It’s a pretty simple kit, but I wanted to take my time building it and documenting the process. My goal was to really pay attention to the final finish of the rocket. I’ve been reading several other build logs, and I picked up more than a couple of tricks I wanted to try out.

Click the link above to read the entire build log. (hosted on

Upgrade Day

I’m typing this on my new apple keyboard. (It’s connected to my laptop, I just wanted to get a feel for it before I un-box everything. (Which I can’t do until I get home anyway.) It’s going to take a bit of getting used to, but I am already touch typing on it with about as many mistakes as my MS keyboard.

The whole 2-button-but-really-one button mouse thing is going to take some adjusting, too. seems to work okay, it just doesn’t “feel” right yet.

F.T.C. Cracks Down on Car-Warranty Robocalls – City Room Blog –

F.T.C. Cracks Down on Car-Warranty Robocalls – City Room Blog –

About F-ing time. These “people” have been calling me at least once a week for the last 6 months, maybe even longer, I’ve lost track. I’ve NEVER given them any info on the few occasions where I did not let them go to voicemail. They’ve ignored repeated requests (and later demands) to be place on thier do not call list, and I’ve reported them to the Do Not Call registry multiple times. (All of my numbers are registered on that list.) I just wish it hadn’t taken annoying a senator to have anything be done about it.

(Via John Gruber)