On the east coast this week

A Room With a View

In case anyone is wondering where I am – I’m in New Jersey this week for work. I’m also going to be heading into New York to see a show on Broadway. 🙂

I flew out here last night (Sunday) and I’ll be flying back Saturday morning.

There’s talk of trying to keep me out her another week, I don’t think I’m going to for reasons that I may write more about tonight.

(I need to learn to hit the publish button…)

Cleaning out the Camera

I was going through the pictures on the digital camera and realized that there are a few shots I meant to put up, but hadn’t until just now.

The last 2 pictures on page 7 are from Justin’s first trip to San Francisco. Jenny (behind the camera) and her sister, Becky spent last Saturday afternoon at Pier 39. I didn’t go because I was at work, and the trip was a “spur of the moment” idea.

Yeah, most of my posts recently have been of the “new pictures up” variety. Deal.

Rafting Photos

I got the first of my rafting photos back.

This set is from one of the professional photographers in the area. Basically, as you are going down the river, there are stations set up at some of the more popular rapids. A photographer snaps a few shots, and you can go look at proofs the next day. Order the ones you want, and they are mailed to you a few weeks later.

There are 3 companies that had photos of us. This one works digitally, so the turn-around time is much faster than the others — and you can view and order additional prints online.

This is from a series of 6 photos that were just delivered on CD-ROM. (I took the time to resize and upload them to my web server. If you want to see larger versions, let me know.) I’ll be creating an interface to view the others on my web site. However, I’ve re-named them in a logical fashion, so you can probably figure out the URIs for the others without too much work. 🙂

I’m in the back of the boat, on the side closest to the camera. The dude up in the air was the guide. He was toying with the idea of doing a back-flip into the river at the bottom of this rapid. He bailed at the last second.

Wet Bachelor Party

I was going to mention this Friday, but I forgot about it until after we were on our way and I had no access to a PC. I did try writing a post from a buddy’s Kyocera Palm-Pilot/Cell phone while on the road. Only problem was his web browser wouldn’t save cookies, so I couldn’t log in to post. (I could read the site, and it was rendered pretty well.)

Anyway, this past weekend was my bachelor party. I decided that I wanted to go white-water rafting. Since I hadn’t been rafting in 8 years, (unless you count the “drunken barging” one 4th of July 2 years ago – I don’t) and we had some people (like my step father) who had never been rafting, we decided to do the South Fork of the American River which is mostly Class 2 with some Class 3 rapids. Pretty mild, but still a lot of fun.

We left Friday evening and drove up to a camp site on the American River. (It was Camp Lotus in case anyone is interested.) We set up camp (in the dark) and went to bed. Saturday morning, our guide showed up and provided breakfast, and then we were driven up river to the launch location. We rafted back down to the campground, (about 9 miles,) and had lunch. Then we launched from the camp site and rafted down to the take-out site at lake Folsom. (Another 11-13 miles or so.) Then we were driven back up to the camp site, had dinner (the best food EVER – probably because we were wiped out) and camped again. Sunday morning we broke camp and headed home.

The guide (who went by “Gunner”) was great, and we had a blast. I will be posting some photos from the trip on my website when we get prints from the professional photo company, (2-6 weeks,) and when I get the film from the water-proof cameras developed (a few days.)

And no – there weren’t any strippers on the boat or at the campsite.