Dec 20th 2001, 23:26 GMT

Someone just handed me a bag of “Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans” – (you know, from Harry Potter)

Basically repackaged Jelly Bellys – with some new flavors added: Sardine, Grass, Black Pepper, Booger, and Horseradish.

I have eaten a Sardine, a Black Pepper, and a Booger (eew.) The first 2 actually tasted like sardine, and pepper respectively. I was expecting the third to have a salty taste or something, but it didn’t really taste like anything.

There appear to be no grass, or horseradish beans in my bag.

The little flavor guide also has a few flavors listed as “coming soon”: Dirt, Mustard, Vomit, and “???”

I’m scared.

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Dec 20th 2001, 18:26 GMT

I saw Fellowship of the Ring last night.

With the exception of completely leaving out one of my favorite characters in the books – which I can understand doing for time purposes, and the projectionist having some trouble at the beginning – which let to the movie being stopped and re-started and the entire audience getting free passes, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I’m still not sure I’m up for a full review, but I may work on one when I have some free time. In the mean time, read this:

I think this film was VERY well done, you should go see it. They changed a few details to get things moving faster – but this was an excellent adaptation of the story. I can hardly wait for “The Two Towers” and “Return of the King”