Eh? WTF?

I’m back at work today, and still going through all my email from the last 2 weeks. I found a link to this in my inbox.

In Greece, use a Game Boy, go to jail

It’s a few days old – but scary. Glad I didn’t go to Greece on my Honeymoon. My Handspring would have gotten me in trouble.

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10 thoughts on “Eh? WTF?”

  1. Yeah, this law is totally fucked up, really. I mean, they banned any electronic game around. Including -say- Windows Solitaire. Messed up.

  2. Yes, AFAIK there’s a bunch of gamers trying to do something. Not sure about the details, but Google is your friend. 😉

  3. electronic Chess?!

    oh yeah! i can see high school students run into a school and hitting everybody with chess pons already!

    greek goverment is even more crazy then Bush…

  4. Fucking hell, they are mad.

    They think illegal gambelling is bad, so justifiy making illegal all electronic games, because they cant see a difference. They are seriously retarded. I take it back Bush aint the most stupid leader in the world.

  5. im forming a gang in greece, we are called the mariomen. We run around giving away video game systems and setting up LAN computers in the streets! WAHAHAHAHHAA

  6. Too bad they can’t get some kind of lightweight ‘crypted protocol going. Unfortunately most games are just spewing UDP all over the place, so you can’t use things like VPN and SSL. I really don’t understand the motive of the gov’t there. It’s like the whole MP3 thing. Adapt, or your populace will just go underground doing exactly what they want anyway. If the greece gov’t was smart, they’d just make it easier to gamble, with a cut of the pie of course.

    But no, they have to do it the hard way.

  7. *Walks up to guy in street*

    *Quite voice* Alright there, want some gear like man,… *Opens jacket* Got abit of tetris like man,… but better is gonna cost ya more, like… *Rubbing fingers together* But if ya want something really special got a nice bit’a Soldier of Fortune 2 here, …

    – Computer Game Dealer

  8. Pretty messed up shiznit. Sad to think they cant distinguish gambling and entertainment. Just hate to think if the democrats get their way here in the states as they decide whats best for people and they know best for us all. pfffft

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