wierd DNS crap


I saw this EXACT SAME thing happen when I was trying to get to the jossh web site from work as well. (only with jossh.com instead of g-blog.net) I think my company’s DNS is getting FUBARed

glue.g-blog.net and forum.glue-g-blog.net were both affected, but jsut plain g-blog.net seems to be fine… except for the mysql errors I seem to be getting now…


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4 thoughts on “wierd DNS crap”

  1. 1. I hate that dumb ass search site domain name free thingy… it pisses me off
    2. how are you supposed to find your servers DNS? i wanna get a domain name and i need a primary and secondary

  2. Wah, DNS terror! runs around, screaming

    Bandit/2: you registrar will most likely provide you with DNS entries and/or DNS access. register.com does, easyspace.com does as well (I think), and if you got a good hoster (like Dreamhost (*winkwinknudgenudge*), then you can fool around with your DNS entries, too.

  3. Hmmmm. Weird. Someone posted a message to JGC about the US JOSSH domain being sniped. I made some obsequious comment about Kazaa and spyware. Seems he might have been half right and someone did one of those evil DNS things we hate so much…

  4. I also posted about that on the JOSSH forums.

    Both seem to have been cleared up now. Still, it was weird.

    (oh yeah, and I just scaled the image down.)

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