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[Quote] Syndication is not publication: “Now, like heartburn that persists 2 or more times a week even though you’ve treated it and changed your diet, the idea is back again. “Ban RSS! XHTML is all we need! It’s like, uh, semantic and stuff.” Spare me. (1060 words)” [Quote]

I’ve have Dive Into Mark on my blogwatch for a while. He took a little vacation after Halloween, but now he’s back.

This just struck me as funny:

[Quote] A syndication format that requires valid semantic XHTML markup? Spare me. 9 out of 10 bloggers can’t even spell XHTML. [Quote]

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2 thoughts on “Nov 27th 2002, 00:44 GMT”

  1. No comment, I’m a Semantic Web devotee 🙂

    [Quote] Ban RSS! XHTML is all we need! It’s like, uh, semantic and stuff [Quote]

    Amusing. RSS is RDF. RDF is being used at the core of Semantic Web development. That doesn’t make much sense. I’ll read the article over lunchtime, it sounds pretty funny 🙂

    Cheers Hool!

  2. Pretty interesting reading, thanks for the link. I’m sure someone will point out the error in my next statement as it’s a while since I took a look at the XHTML specification, but the last time I did XHTML wasn’t anywhere near what I understand by the (spurious) statement “semantic markup”. The original spec was designed to bring HTML into line with XML and provide a middle-ground (slowly edging towards XML when your markup conforms to XHTML strict) whereby software agents and indeed anything that can parse XML, could do the same with an XHTML document. But at its heart, it’s still based around archaic rules for formatting text. I say again, not semantic markup.

    I really dislike the way developers throw the word “semantic” around like it’s going out of fashion. The Semantic Web was (slowly becoming…is) Tim Berners-Lee’s original vision of the web. Now Semantic Web development is underway and the next, hot piece of tech the phrase gets tossed into every other conversation.

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