Out Shopping…

my wife and I are out doing some christmas shopping – in the rain.
There is a new shopping center in Emeryville that we decided to check out. We just ducked into an Apple Store to get out of the rain for a bit. Just thought I’d hop on one of the iLamps and see if it had net access. It does. 🙂

(Yes, I am a geek, and a g-blog addict.)

I want one of these G4’s that are sitting next to the iMacs…

Anyway – back out into the weather we go!

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2 thoughts on “Out Shopping…”

  1. Yeah, shopping this weekend was horrendous. How’d you like the new shopping center? I keep thinking about going by.


  2. It was alright. The fact that most of it is outdoors made shopping this past weekend an adventure. The parking structure is layed out a litle weird, but at least there was PLENTY of parking.

    My wife is stoked that there is a Harry and David and a Godiva Chocolateer there, I dug the Apple Store, (even though I didn’t buy anything,) and there was a decent noodle bar. There are still a bunch of “coming soon” placemarkers, but it appears to offer a pretty good mix of stores and several promising restaurants.

    Oh yeah, and we got about 60% of our shopping done. Wheee!

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