CNET Radio pulling the plug.

AM 910 and XM 130 will be going dark tonight. This makes me sad, as it is the station that I end up listening to the most during my commute. I haven’t signed up for thier new online only offering. I’ll probably check it out, but I doubt I’ll stick with it.

So, should I switch to a music station, the local traffic/news station, NPR? I haven’t really decided yet. I’ll proably be spending most of my commute time next week channel surfing.

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6 thoughts on “CNET Radio pulling the plug.”

  1. I strongly recommend KALW or KPFA.
    Both are public radio stations, KALW is part of NPR, KPFA is part of the Pacifica Foundation.
    I like both much better than KQED. Neither have given into using ‘extended sponsorship announcements’ (practically commercials) that KQED has. While KQED is all news or talk show, both play a variety of shows, some talk some music (commute time is talk for them though) . Politically KPFA is to the left of KALW
    To check them out, you can listen to their internet feeds from

  2. I listen to KIOI (Star 101.3) for easy listening, light news and traffic. At work, my lab partner and I have compromised with KFOG (Classic and Modern Rock/Easy Listening). FanBoy and I listen to 92.7 Party, which is a dance/club mixes station. Upbeat, only a few commercials no DJs. FanBoy I know used to listen to Alice and The Rock, but I don’t know those stations that well.

    But I hate all talking radio, and it sounds like you would prefer that. What kind of music do you like?


  3. Musicwise. I haven’t listen to KFOG is a while but remember them as being enjoyable. 92.7 is nice for a while but I don’t think I could listen to it all day. It’s bery nice that is has only a few commercials. KFRC has some cool sixties and seventies songs. KDFC is nice in that it’s classical. (I know you meant that question for Hool, but I thought I would chime in anyways)

  4. Almost every station listed so far is a preset somewhere on my radio… over the weekend, I found myself on KDFC and KFOG predominantly.

    Chrisfs – what frequency does KPFA transmit on?

    [Quote] What kind of music do you like? [Quote]

    Just about anything – notable exceptions being Country and “Gangtsa” Rap… A more acurate question would probably be “What kind of music are you in the mood to listen to during commute triffic?” That’s what I’m trying to figure out. Maybe I’ll try 92.7 tonight.

    KSFO is great for traffic updates, but I get annoyed by how often they repeat thier stories. By the time I’m approching home, I’m thinking “I’ve already heard this story… at least twice. Tell me something new!”

  5. I remember stations in relation to other stations. KPFA is just above 92.7 (officially 94.1, but it doesn’t look that high on my dial)

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