Still at Work

But I ‘m not working. 🙂

I just finished setting up Gallery on what will hopefully be a family website. I’ve go a couple of test albums up right now, (yes the kittens again) I’ll be adding a few more images over the next few days.

If anyone wants to check it out, clicky clicky. 🙂

The setup could have been easier – the documentation is a bit sparse, and I had to deal with some funky dreamhost configuration stuff. (If you are a dreamhost user and want to run gallery, make sure to check out the php-security entry in thier kbase.) I think I may blog an install guide with some caveats you should be aware of.)

One of the cools things Iearned is that the Gallery Remote java app works through my company’s firewall.

On a side note, Gallery might be an interesting thing to try to hook into GLUE (of vice-versa) – not that I have the time (or expertise) to attempt such a project right now. I’m just saying it’d be neat to have someday. 🙂

Jeez, its 20:40 – I need to get out of here.

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  1. Ah works from home… Works server seems to be abit iffy, keep getting dead links all over the place where there shouldnt be any.

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