Marlk Pilgrim is Evil

Just take a look at this “game” he’s created: [Link]

I have a feeling I’ll be stuck there all day.

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5 thoughts on “Marlk Pilgrim is Evil”

  1. I’m not showing this to Simpsone. Nofe Air! Nofe Air!

    Yet another thing I can ‘blame’ on you for introducing me to….not that I’m complaining, mind you…

  2. Pfft, this is easy. Never send a person to do a computer’s job. =)

    #!/usr/bin/perl -w
    # Finds identical figures in image at [Link]
    # Requires PNG input, or other GD-supported format; suggest gif2png.
    # Output coordinates are standard Euclidean: origin at lower left,
    # images are on points of ZxZ, so the bottom-left is (1, 1).
    use GD;
    use strict;
    use vars qw($theImage %seenat); # easiest when global

    $theImage = GD::Image->new($ARGV[0] || "matchmaker.cgi.png")
    or die "Couldn't open image: $@, $!";

    for (my $i = 0; $i [0]+1,
    last OUTERLOOP;

    # The grunt work: $theImage is to be considered as 100 39x39 blocks, two
    # of which are identical. The best way to handle this is to have a hash
    # function that works on a block, and keep a simple lookup table.
    # This function takes an offset (from top left) and computes such a hash value.
    sub imHash
    my ($xoff, $yoff) = @_;
    my $hval = 0;
    for (my $i = 0; $i getPixel($i + 39*$xoff,
    $j + 39*$yoff);
    $hval += ((39*$i)+$j)*$ctIdx; # or something
    return $hval;

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