2 thoughts on “Light blocking curtains are your friend.”

  1. The other half of this, which my own reading on sleep cycles agrees with, is that while it is important to have darkness when the sleep part of your cycle is going to be, it is also important to have bright light during the waking part of your cycle, and especially during the first part of your “day”.

    Humans need at least 2,000 lux for this purpose, and preferably more. This is substantially more than your indoor lighting is likely to provide.

    What’s this? Reading this post is another way of going to sleep in the daytime? Ok, ok, I’ll stop…

  2. Hmm, interesting. I do find that I can wake up early if I leave my curtains open, whereas normally I have to drag my sorry corpse out of bed and still walk around like a zombie. So that means I have a choice between getting up at sunrise with 5-6 hours sleep, or getting up later and struggling to get awake. Time for some decent curtains I think.

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