Weird Mood

I’m in Fairbanks, Alaska. I just found the computer “lab” (one machine, printer, and phone line) with free access for hotel guests. Yes, as usual, g-blog was the first site I came to.

We didn’t make it out to the oyster farm on this trip becuase of the wheather, so we spent two of the days we were to be out there in Anchorage instead, and then headed up to Fairbanks a day early. I’m still hoping my the aunt who lives on the farm can make it to Fairbanks this week, I’d like Jenny to meet her.

We spent yesterday at our other Aunt’s house going through dad’s personal effects. We made pretty good progress, but we still have several boxes of books and cookware to go through.

One of the things we came across was a suitcase filled woth pictures he had taken, or people had given to him. A lot of the photos are of people that we don’t know, friends he made after our parents got divoreced, both in CA and later in AK. Boogie (that would be my sister) seems to be bothered by the fact taht se doesn’t know any of the people in the photos, or maybe she’s just worried tatht a lot of them are going to be at the memorial on Saturday.

I’ve identified one of the locations (a bar in S.L. where a lot of the photos were taken. I’m thinking obout bringing them back with me to see if any of the people in them are still around, and if they would like to have the photos. I’m also thinking about bringing a lot of the AK pictures to the memorial to see if anyone there would like any. Boogie and I probably me mostly) are going to go though them and take out any family pictures before that.

In the box was also a lot of documents dealing with my parent’s divorce, strange reading through all that (as well as what look like notes from counselling sessions.)

We’ve spent most of the day at the hotel, and I’m getting kind of antsy to get back over to the house to go through more boxes, but a the same time I’m content to let Boogie drag her feet so we don’t have to go over there just yet.

There’s still a lot to do and I think someone is waiting for the computer, so I better get going.

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4 thoughts on “Weird Mood”

  1. Don’t want to give too much personal info out here, but remember the conversation we had with your mom on Friday night? Did you convince person X to not go? Hope things are going well, look forward to having you back safely.

  2. Hmmm.

    I recall being 13 when my mother went on a HUUUGE cleaning binge. Disposed of BOXES of paperwork.

    Of the things she found, all together in one folder there was the marriage certificate from her marrying my father, as well as the divorce paperwork (yes, with counselling session…apparently it was decided after only one session that I was happy w/ mom, living safely w/ grandparents, and barely registered that dad was missing). Weird, seeing these little reminders of something that had such a HUGE effect on my life.

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