Why didn’t anyone tell me that Mozilla FireBird 0.7 was out?

Here I am innocently attempting (I think successfully) to convince a coworker that he should switch to Mozilla FireBird when I discover that it was recently revved.

must be sure to download the new version, after checking the release notes, when I get home. Or I could just order a CD…

(BTW – this entry represents the breaking of a promise I made to myself last week. Look for an entry related to the AK trip last month to appear “below” this one in a couple of days. It’s currently marked private because I havne’t had a chance to clean it up. Something I promised myself I would do before posting another entry.)

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4 thoughts on “Why didn’t anyone tell me that Mozilla FireBird 0.7 was out?”

  1. Job keeps me busy, and they keep moving my schedule around… currently 14:00-23:00 Tue-Sat.

    did I post about that already?

    I guess it’s good I advocate firebird, otherwise I wouldn’t have found out. πŸ™‚

    Also – I find that I’m spending a lot less time reading my blogroll now. When I’m online and at home, I’m usually playing SWG. When I’m at work, and online (that would be during my lunchbreak) -I’m trying to get caught up on my email.

    The way I use the internet is changing, now that I’m not actively a “web monkey”.

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