8 thoughts on “Interesting take on episode IV based on I II and III”

  1. Some point I agree with but the R2 deal with Jawa’s and Chewie’s secret control on Han’s business are, imho, stretching things a bit too far. Jawas don’t negotiate with their product anymore than you would negotiate with a talking toaster. Once in the sandcrawler, R2 would have no leverage, the jawas would have the money and could sell him to the highest bidder anyways. Jawas were a detour, like the Star Destroyer, that need to be gotten around somehow.

    I haven’t seen RotS so I didn’t know Chewie’s role in it. But the extensive leading of Han blindly by the nose sounds too contrived. I think he’s doing his own kind of Yoda thing. Smugglers, by definition, lie low, under the radar and are always moving. Perhaps, when Chewie heard they were seeking passage to Alderan, he jumped on it, but not before. that

  2. Yes, some if it is contrived. And there are a couple of lage speculative leaps – but it is still an interesting take on the events.

    Damn, now I need to go and dig out my copies of IV, V, and VI. Iv’e been meaning to do that anyway to compare my new DVD boxed set edition with my old VHS boxed set edition.

  3. #5 Watch them with foreign language voice overs or subtitles. I consider that the funnest part of DVDs. See the words they use for Sandcrawler and light sabre.
    See how they pronounce the different names. In Firefly, in Spanish, Jayne is Jayne, but in French he’s pronounced ‘Jane-y’, which just heightens the ‘Boy named Sue’ aspect of his name that much more.

  4. A bit over thought and I find it difficult to consider a theory to be plausible, when the author can’t seem to spell the names correctly (It’s Tatooine dude!)

    Still, an amusing read. Personaly, I think Lucas himself hasn’t even put that much thought into it.

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