State of Flux

I’m toying with the idea of moving this blog to a new home. Namely (instead of using the sub-domain.) Over the last few days, I’ve come to realize that I have no interest in updating (or even maintaining) the design/content of my old site.

The only substantial change I’ve made recently was adding a rule to my .htaccess file to redirect to this site. Prior to that, I updated the homepage (and did a design refresh) in 2002, added the blog page (syndicating in 2003. I also added an eBay directory last year for self-hosting auction images. (But I never linked that to the rest of the site.)

My old website has languished for 4 or 5 years. It’s time that changed. There’s nothing on the site content-wise that I can’t easily port into WP as a Page. So I think that is what I’m eventually going to do. For now, I’ve added a couple more rules to my .htaccess file, which is most likely how you got here if you just tried to visit

(Tangent – I should clean up my category list now that I have control over it. Do I really need a “Testing GLUE” category now that this site is no longer on GLUE?)

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  1. Thanks,

    I think this is the best K2 template style I’ve seen so far. I wish I could take credit for it, but it’s all Steve Lam’s. The only real customization I plan to make is to the header graphic. I want to do something that uses some of my own photos.

    K2 is a pretty easy template to work with. I’m glad I switched.

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