Hooray for Delegation

I use this site’s URL (http://blog.hooloovoo.net) as my OpenID. One of the cool things about OpenID is that I don’t have to run my own OpenID server to use my own URL, I can delegate a server to do the “heavy lifting” for me. I actually have several identity providers available to me, Vox, MyOpenID, and even AOL, (not that I use my aim screen name much anymore.) I’ve pretty much been using MyOpenID as my delegate. That changed this morning. I have nothing against MyOpenID at all. I think they are a great provider. So why the change? I’m using VeriSign Labs new OpenID service because I can use my PayPal/eBay security key (otherwise known as a VIP Credential) as part of the authentication.

Multi-Factor authentication for the win!

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