Why do I even still have this site?

I post to it MAYBE once a year. I remember a time when I was much more active online and I enjoyed futzing around on my own web server and participating in various online communities. There was even a time when it was my job.

Sometimes I wonder if I should continue paying for my hosting service and domain registrations, or if I should just tear it all down.

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Robert Belknap has been writing online sporadically since 2001. See the colophon for more details.

One thought on “Why do I even still have this site?”

  1. Hey Robert, I’ve never met you, but I learned about the story of your father because I had the misfortune to interact with his killer once upon a time in Fairbanks and I’ve always found that story so upsetting. I’m so sorry about what happened and I hope you’re doing well. I gave you a follow on Twitter, too.

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