Feb 7th 2002, 18:51 GMT

This Blonde Joke is brought to you by: User Friendly.

(I found it while trolling the user comments.)

A blonde comes into the bank and asks to see the loans officer (male). Then she asks for a $2,000 loan but she only needs it for 1 month. The loans guy says “Sure, it will cost you $15 for the interest plus $5 for the filing and paperwork. What is the collateral?”

The Blonde lady says, “Oh I have a Silver Cloud 1932 Rolls Royce. It is right outside, would you like to see it?” After the loans guy stops drooling, he comes in and they sign off the loan and she takes her money and leaves the car at the bank. The loans guy gets someone to park the car down in the bank’s parking garage behind a locked area. Then he goes and has a laugh with his colleagues over the dumb blonde who owns a $500,000 car and wants a loan of $2,000. They think she’s pretty ditzy.

A month later the Blonde returns with $2, 020 and claims her car. The loans guy is beside himself with curiosity and asks her why she was so crazy to borrow a small amount of money like that when she owns such an expensive car. “Oh, I went on holiday to France for a month. Where else could I park my car for $20 and be sure it would not be damaged or stolen?”

[Edit]BTW, I was blonde once – not anymore. Yea funky hair color and a work environment that will put up with a blue-haired freak! :)[/Edit]

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Jan 3rd 2002, 19:49 GMT

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They Fight Crime!

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