Vote Today!

This is as close to a political-type post you are ever likely to see from me. For those of you that live in California, there is a special election on Tuesday November 8th 2005 (that would be today as of 48 minutes ago)

Actually – there are elections being held throughout the US today, so this applies to more than just Californians.

I’m not going to tell you, or even ask you to vote one way or another on the various propositions on the ballot. What I AM going to ask is that you review the propositions that are on the ballot, come to a(n informed) desicion about them, and then make your voice heard by getting yourself to a polling place and VOTING.

Also, are of legal voting age wherever you live, but are not registered to vote, I encourage you to go out and get registered. TODAY. You won’t be able to vote in this election, but you will be able to vote in the next one.

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It Has Begun

As I was driving home from work today listening to the traffic station, a CBS news special report broke in. While speaking with a correspondant in Baghdad, several large explosions were heard. It seems that US led forces, acting on intel obtained by the CIA earlier today, launched several cruise missles at a “target of opportunity” within the city.

I just finished listening to the President’s address, and I’m turning off the television now. I’m not terribly interested in listening to reporters, news anchors, and special correspondants speculate about what is going on, what or who was just hit, and when a full scale attack will be launched.

I honestly don’t know whether or not this war is needed. I do wish that it had not come to this. I am saddend when I think about the loss of life that is about to occur (or already has occured) on both sides of this conflict.


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CNET – Russia accuses FBI agent of hacking: “A G-man who nabbed two Russian hackers in a sting operation is charged by Russia with downloading evidence from a server without authorization.”

I’m glad Russia is doing this. The agent in charge of the investigation should have gotten a warrant to seize that evidence. You know, that whole “due process of law” thing. What I think is really ironic is that the agents just recieved awards for thier actions related to the case.

“Don’t hack us, or we’ll hack you to prove that you hacked us and then we can arrest you– and it’s okay since we’re the government…”