CNET News.com – Russia accuses FBI agent of hacking: “A G-man who nabbed two Russian hackers in a sting operation is charged by Russia with downloading evidence from a server without authorization.”

I’m glad Russia is doing this. The agent in charge of the investigation should have gotten a warrant to seize that evidence. You know, that whole “due process of law” thing. What I think is really ironic is that the agents just recieved awards for thier actions related to the case.

“Don’t hack us, or we’ll hack you to prove that you hacked us and then we can arrest you– and it’s okay since we’re the government…”


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5 thoughts on “D’oh!”

  1. 100% Agree

    Its a growing trend at the moment with the American Goverment. Its ok for us to do something, but not ok for you.

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