Dec 13th 2001, 18:55 GMT

Oooh – Mindless Ramblings. I’m good at those.

Gossip, what’s to stop people from posting whatever kind of garbage they want, and having it available on the front page?

What if I decided to link to Gossip’s BIg Big site of goat pr0n would that work?

Ah – wait, that would be: Gossip’s BIg Big site of goat pr0n wouldn’t it?

One would hope that people will be civilized…

[edit]Okay, so I didn’t read the explanations first – your quarantine solution is pretty cool. Will we have a way to report abuse? If this site really takes off, you’ll be hard pressed to keep up with the quarantines.[edit]

BTW, I love your browser requirements line down at the bottom.

Is this enough mindless rambling yet? Good I should get back to exploring the site a bit.

One thing I noticed, the [Read More] link stumped me for a sec, I didn’t immediately realize that meant there was more to the blog – I thought it meant someting more along the lines of “more by the same author”

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5 thoughts on “Dec 13th 2001, 18:55 GMT”

  1. So I’m about to comment on my on blog –

    nah nevermind, I’m suppsed to leave feedback on gossips blog –

    what the hell this is mindless ramblings. and this is pretty mindless feedback

  2. Reporting abuse – not implemented yet, as I’m still a bit puzzled about how to do this. Not the code side, but the actual usability issue.

    BTW, there are several admin levels possible, so it’s not that hard to implement “watchers” or moderators if the need arises. šŸ˜‰

    Edited on Dec 14th 2001, 16:53 by Gossip

  3. I’d like to report some abuse.

    Offender’s name: Gossip.
    Crime: Forcing me to check the MG site multiple times each day.
    Punishment: Yet to be decided, but it will be extremely painful…

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